Ruth Thomas, author of “The Home Corner” at Corstorphine Library

A real treat. Ruth Thomas, author of “The Home Corner” is coming to Corstorphine Library next week. Ruth’s Edinburgh based novel has had some quite incredible reviews:

‘Ruth Thomas is a brilliant chronicler and observer of the hum-drumness of everyday life and this is a wonderfully funny and poignant story about how unsettling the transition from childhood to adulthood can be.’ Carla McKay, Daily Mail 

‘Thomas writes Luisa’s story with a deft touch and a subtle lyricism … [her] portrayal of the struggles and anxieties of late-adolescence are truly excellent and the empathy with which the story is treated create a warm, engrossing novel.’ Daniel Davies, The Skinny 

‘Novelists have been productively mining material from the mid-life crisis for decades. But middle age isn’t the only danger zone… and Thomas does justice to the existential terror surrounding that yawning chasm called ‘the rest of your life’” Alastair Mabbott, The Herald 
‘A lovely novel. It is so melancholy and true and funny too.’ Shena Mackay
‘This is no teenage coming-of-age novel but a reckoning of the space each of us occupies in the adult world. The second novel from award-winning British short story writer Ruth Thomas, The Home Corner has the layered feel and texture of a short story but the impetus of an intriguing novel. There’s a self-deprecating humour and a subtle sadness in what passes for ordinary life. As a philosophical meditation on the paths not taken, it excels.’ Sunday Business Post
Impressive, huh? Ruth will be at Corstorphine Library from 6.30pm on Wednesday 7th august. If you’re planning on coming along do let us know by calling 0131 529 550 / emailing

And even if you can’t make it along we’d still recommend you reserve a copy of the book to see what all the fuss is about.


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