A mountain in our midst

“Who that has once seen Edinburgh with its couchant crag-lion but must see it again in dreams…

…you (in London) have nothing like Arthur’s Seat” Charlotte Bronte

mountainA unique exhibition at Edinburgh Central Library tells the story of the hill that dominates our city.

Origins – the debate over how Arthur’s Seat got its name and the lives of its earliest inhabitants

Eccentric schemes and characters – the plans for a heather-roofed tea room and the man who lived in a cave on Salisbury Crags

Ideas and inspiration – how James Hutton overturned commonly held beliefs about the age of the earth – and Walter Scott’s job creation scheme

There are more tales besides these, including stories of riots, refugees and royalty. We reckon the exhibition will have you itching to get out there and rediscover the mountain in our midst for yourself.

And for readers from further afield, we’ve put together our own online exhibition on Capital Collections, including a photograph of the very first car to go up the hill and some very adventurous members of The Ladies Scottish Climbing Club ascending Salisbury Crags… in their skirts.

A Mountain in our Midst is on display on the Mezzanine Level of Central Library until the end of September.


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