It’s a mystery!

Back in 2011 we ran a campaign to ask for your help in identifying the locations of some of our old photographs. Well now the mystery photos have come back again!

Over the next few months we will put up sets of our most stubborn, difficult to place pictures and hopefully some of the well-informed amateur detectives amongst you will be able to guide us towards the answer! Not so much a Whodunit?, more a Whereisit? Eat your heart out Agatha Christie.

Our first set of pictures comes from the lens of Alexander Adam Inglis, an Aberdeen born artist who worked from the Rock House on Calton Hill in Edinburgh, a studio which had a number of distinguished artists & photographers working from it for nearly a century.

So for starters – do you know where this is? We think the picture was taken in 1892.

If you do know then let us know via the comments box below!

To see the rest of this set of Alexander Adam Inglis photographs visit our Flickr account. Have a look and if you don’t know where these photos were taken please pass it on.


One thought on “It’s a mystery!

  1. Our clever followers have already identified this as Beaufort Castle – thanks!

    Still got two or three photos waiting to be identified on flickr – we’d be ever so grateful if anyone could shed any light on these…

    SOLVED! Falkirk High Street


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