Overdrive is changing!

overdrive-readOur Overdrive ebook website is about to get a complete makeover. Changes have been made so ebook borrowing is easier and quicker. So if you use Overdrive via a computer rather than an app look out for the following:

• The website will look different!

• Checking a book out will be quicker with the One-Step Checkout process.

• For most of our ebooks you will now be able to use Overdrive Read and read your book straight away with no need to install any other software or download the book. Once opened you can bookmark the page to allow you to continue to read offline too.

Want to see what it will look like? This nice American lady will talk you through it, or test-drive the OverDrive Read facility for yourself.

Our new website works best with Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. It’s not compatible with older versions of Internet Explorer so why not upgrade your browser today to get ready for the new site! We’ll let you know here when the site goes live.

For further help and assistance please contact:
Digital Information Team: 0131 242 8047

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