Books for children and young adults with reading difficulties

Ghosting book cover imageWe all know how important reading is. And we understand that one way to encourage reading is to make it exciting and pleasurable. But how do we do this for children and young adults with reading difficulties?

Local publishers Barrington Stoke understand the importance of making the best authors accessible to the widest possible audience, and use off-white paper and a special font to minimise visual stress, making their books ideal for dyslexic or less experienced readers.

You can find these books by doing a quick search for ‘Barrington Stoke’ on the library catalogue. One of our favourite titles is ‘Wartman‘ by Michael Morpurgo, which tells the story of Dilly and the big, hard, knobbly wart growing right on his knee. Soon he’s ‘Wartman’, and everyone’s laughing at him. Dilly doesn’t know what to do – until he meets old Mr Ben, and everything changes.

And for older readers, we’d recommend Keith Gray’s ‘Ghosting‘, a tale of two fake mediums who don’t believe in the ghosts they claim to see. That is, until of them starts getting messages from the victims of a serial killer…

Open Meeting

On the subject of dyslexia, Central Library hosts an Open Meeting of Dyslexia Scotland South East on Wednesday 13th March. Educational psychologist Jennie Guise will talk about the psychologist’s role in assessment and working with schools. The meeting starts at 6pm, is expected to finish around 8pm and is open to anyone who wishes to attend.


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