Edinburgh Reads: J. David Simons

Our latest Edinburgh Reads event features author J. David Simons:

“J David Simons’ latest novel, set in Scotland, London and Japan, is that rare thing, a genuine tour-de-force, a beautifully written love story that combines political impetus, questions about art and truth, and an exotic setting once almost blown to extinction in an act of war. It is the kind of sophisticated, grown-up writing that properly intrigues, and calls to mind the best of William Boyd and Sebastian Faulks.” Lesley McDowell (author and reviewer for the Independent on Sunday, Herald and Scottish Review of Books)

“An exquisite sense of what is beautiful” tells the story of an eminent British writer’s return to the hotel in the Japanese mountains where he once spent a beautiful snowed-in winter. It was there he fell in love and wrote his best-selling novel, The Waterwheel, accusing America of being in denial about the horrific aftermath of the Tokyo firebombings and the nuclear destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. As we learn more about his earlier life, however – as a student in Bloomsbury, involved with a famous American painter – we realise that he too is in denial, trying to escape past events that are now rapidly catching up with him.

J David Simons will at Edinburgh Central Library on Tuesday 26th February at 6.30pm to discuss the novel. Book your free ticket online or phone 0131 242 8100

One thought on “Edinburgh Reads: J. David Simons

  1. Sounds like an original concept for a story, I was once in Nikko Japan in the late 90s, but frankly the landscape there does not come close to the rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands.


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