Seeing as it’s Burns night tonight…

How about some poetry to start the day? Oxgangs Library recently hosted its first ever Renga poetry session. Renga is a thousand year old Japanese form of shared writing, where participants sit, listen, write and read their poetry together.

So here we present the fruits of their labour – Oxgangs Renga

Oxgangs Renga

The frosty snow fell soft
perfectly laid out
on a winter’s night

Streets of frost, ice dark
scarfs, coats, duvets, gloves, boots, furs –
porridge or soup, logs fires or snow

The snow crackled slowly
under the young children’s feet
on a winter’s day

Hope changes tulips, clocks afresh
like warm birds, lambs nest anew

A lamb is born
among daffodils it lays
the farmer collects the eggs

Harvest everywhere
children play among tulips
The air feels fresh, clear

School uniform on, every day of spring, walk
to school among flowers, drinking chocolate in my head

Everyone gets cherries
Beach tide comes in each day
tanned girls in Ibiza bikinis

Flip flops flopping on the sand
sunglasses on my face
warm breeze hits my legs

The air gets colder, the beach becomes quiet
The holidays over, shorts back in the drawer

Harvest moon, yellow full
glowing leaves falling, damp earth
apples, berries; pick store box

Bonfire leaves red
Halloween toffee, bramble mists
bare trees, damp ground falling

Fresh starts, new beginnings
seasons end in cycles.


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