On the trail of Robert Louis Stevenson

Happy Robert Louis Stevenson Day! To celebrate we’ve got not one, but two, exciting pieces of news for devotees of the revolutionary novelist, master storyteller, travel writing pioneer and genius essayist.

First, in association with Luath Press, author and actor John Cairney is visiting Central Library to talk about ‘The Quest for Robert Louis Stevenson’.

Cairney’s book explores the release of the passionate potential that Stevenson found in Samoa, a paradise that was marred by the eccentric behaviour Stevenson’s wife Fanny Osbourne.

The talk takes place at Central Library on Thursday 29th November at 6.30pm – book online to reserve your place.

In 1878 Stevenson journeyed through the Cévennes. The route he followed has today become one of the most popular hiking trails in France, thanks in part to the work of The Association Sur Le Chemin de Robert Louis Stevenson, which was established in 1994 to develop the trail for tourism.

The Association has put together an exhibition entitled ‘Travels with Robert Louis Stevenson’ featuring images, photographs, drawings and texts from and about Stevenson that illustrate his travels across France and highlight the writer’s international connections.

This exhibition will be on display on the Central Library mezzanine from 15th November until 14th December 2012. It is the first time the exhibition will be on display in the UK and is the product of a collaboration between the Association Sur le Chemin de Robert Louis Stevenson, Edinburgh City Libraries and the Robert Louis Stevenson Club.

Christian Brochier, Chairman of the Association Sur le Chemin de Robert Louis Stevenson, told us: “We’ve been working on promoting Stevenson’s heritage for twenty years. It’s a huge honour to bring this exhibition to his native city and pay homage to such a great writer and a great man. Through the exhibition we hope to promote the life and works of our wonderful friend and fellow traveller – especially his links with Cevennes.”

To find out more about Stevenson’s travels you can view more images like the one featured above on Capital Collections, our online image gallery.


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