Your family and the first world war

It’s at this time of year that thoughts turn to the members of the armed forces who died in the line of duty. But how much do you know about the role your ancestors played in a war that started almost a century ago?

This Saturday (10th November) Central Library’s History Hub is the venue for a World War One Surgery from 10am – 12noon.

Come along to find out more about the impact World War One had on your family. If you have artefacts, medals, diaries and letters bring those too and we’ll try and explain more about their background and give you information on how to take your search further.

Take a look at some of the work we’ve done so far, in partnership with the University of Edinburgh, on the Edinburgh’s War site.

And if you can’t make it along to the surgery on Saturday the History Hub is also open at the times listed below. Alternatively, email enquiries to

History Hub opening times:

Saturday 10 November  10.00-12

Tuesday 13 November  14.30-16.30

Wednesday 14 November  14.30-16.30/18:00-19:30

Thursday 15 November 10.30-12.30

Friday 16 November 10.30-12.30

Monday 19 November 10.30-12.30

Wednesday 21 November 18:00-19.30

Thursday 22 November 10.30-12.30

Friday 23 November 10.30-12.30

Monday 26 November 18.00-19.30

Tuesday 27 November 14.30-16.30

Wednesday 28 November 14.30-16.30

Thursday 29 November 10.30-12.30

Saturday 01 December 10.30-12.30

Monday 03 December 10.30-12.30

Tuesday 04 December 14.30-16.30

Thursday 06 December 10.30-12.30

Saturday 08 December 10.30-12.30

Monday 10 December 10.30-12.30

Tuesday 11 December 14.30-16.30

Wednesday 12 December 14.30-16.30

Thursday 13 December 10.30-12.30


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