David Peat – A Life Through a Lens

We have a great event at Oxgangs Library this Sunday for anyone with an interest in film or photography.  Film Historian and former director of the Edinburgh International Film Festival David Bruce will present a talk on the late filmmaker David Peat.

Best known for his work as a filmmaker and cinematographer, David Peat will likely be remembered for his documentaries such as This Mine Is Ours, Gutted and Life’s Too Short. However, he had also been something of a prolific photographer and the launch of the book An Eye on the Street through David Bruce’s Renaissance Press earlier this year illustrated how talented he was in this field.

Bruce recalls the time Peat came to him regarding his photography: “He approached me very tentatively asking if they were any good and of course not only were they good, they were fantastic and he was obviously a very significant photographer.”

Peat’s parallel career as a photographer had begun in 1968.  With the aim of creating a portfolio to help him gain access to the television industry, he took to the streets of Glasgow with a Pentax camera he’d received for his 21st birthday and began to document  street scenes in Glasgow and a city in transition.

It is these early photographs that make up An Eye on the Street. It’s a collection firmly steeped in the Street Photography tradition capturing moments in time and providing an empathetic narrative on life in the tenements of Glasgow.

“There’s a lovely complicity to these photos”, says Bruce, “you feel he’s joining in, his style is one if humanity, engagement and a sense of community. That’s what sets him apart from most photographers.”

The event is free and begins at 2.30pm. Call Oxgangs Library 0131 529 5549 to reserve a ticket or email oxgangs.library@edinburgh.gov.uk


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