Four easy ways to find the right book for you

Looking for what to read next? Here’s how to find books to suit you, so you spend less time choosing and more time reading!

1. Ask an expert – like your local librarian!

We’re crazy about books, we’ve got years of experience and we’re generally fairly friendly…! But if the thought of approaching one of us to ask for reading recommendations fills you with terror just fill in our online form and get an email containing five book recommendations, based on your personal reading preferences, from a real live librarian. All part of the service!

2. Whichbook?

A great way of discovering books based on your mood and tastes. Looking for something short and scary or funny and unpredictable? Whichbook will sort you out.

3. See what everyone else is reading

Check out everybody’s lists to see what other Edinburgh Library members recommend. While you’re at it why not add a list or two of your own?

4. Who else writes like?

The clue is in the name. Use your library card to log on, key in your favourite writer’s name and, well, the rest is fairly obvious, isn’t it? You can also browse books and authors by genre, and for younger readers, there’s a companion site: Who next?


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