Sally Gardner, “Maggot Moon” and Dyslexia Awareness Week

“There are certain books that you know, right from the first pages, are destined to be classics. There is something about the phrasing, about the concept and about the main character which chime so perfectly together that they cannot fail to move you, to open a window in your world and show you another, deeper truth. Such a book is Maggot Moon.”

The paragraph above, taken from The Bookbag’s five star review, is typical of the reaction to Sally Gardner’s incredible young adult novel.

So we’re very lucky that Sally will be among the authors joining us for Dyslexia Awareness Week. Sally will be at Drumbrae Library from 6.30 – 8.00pm on Thursday 8th November to share her personal experience of dyslexia and talk about her decision to write a book with a dyslexic hero. She’ll also be demonstrating the Maggot Moon Multi-touch ibook:

To reserve your place at what promises to be an inspirational evening, where Sally will be joined by fellow writer Nicola Morgan and Edinburgh Book Festival founder Jenni Brown, email or call 0131 529 5244.

There’s loads more going on, download Dyslexia awareness week programme 2012 to find out more.


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