Edinburgh’s War: recollections of WW1

For the past few years we’ve been working with the University of Edinburgh on the Edinburgh’s War project, telling the story of how World War 1 affected our city and its people.

The latest part of the project has been to transform part of Central Library into a World War 1 History Hub – a space where you can come and share your stories, as well as find out more about the research we’ve carried out so far.

We’re launching the hub on 10th October, and over the next couple of months we’ll be running a series of talks on different aspects of the war, from how to research your World War 1 ancestors; to the medical and nursing management of war casualties; to the story of Major Robert Dickson, a tale that can only be told thanks to the discovery of a remarkable archive in the base of a grandfather clock!

Details of these talks, and online booking, on the Edinburgh Reads events page.

The Hub itself will be open regularly right up to Christmas. Drop in and speak to one of our experts to get some help with your own family’s World War One Story,  or bring in any memorabilia, diaries or other objects relating to World War One and we’ll try and give you more information. Latest infor on opening times as follows:

Monday 29th October 10:30-12:30
Tuesday 30th October 18:00-19:30
Wednesday 31st October 14:30-16:30
Thursday 1st November 14:30-16:30
Saturday 3rd November 10:30-12:30

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