Answers with authority: ten topics we explored with Oxford Reference

Let’s be honest. When you want to find something out sometimes a quick google or wikipedia search is all you need. We all do it often enough. But what about when you need authoritative facts and figures – information you know you can trust?

Librarians care about where our ‘facts’ come from. Which is why over the past few days we’ve been spending a lot of time exploring the brand new updated Oxford Reference site (one of many sites available for free to anyone with an Edinburgh Library card), and it’s an impressive undertaking.

With bitesize chunks and longer essays taken from over 200 books (think how much that lot would cost you) this really is an ideal starting point for anyone who’s serious about learning and reseach; whether it’s for work, study or personal interest.

This is stuff that’s been written and checked by the experts, world leaders in their fields. And what a range of fields Oxford Reference covers!

For example, here are ten topics we’ve been exploring over the past few days:

Zombification: the medical perspective

A timeline of the cold war

The diet of the dragonfly

The history of documentary photography

Cloud seeding

A guide to Latin in international law

Superstitions relating to eyebrows

The origin of British place names

The rowan tree in Celtic mythology


What will you learn? Log in free with your library card and start exploring today.

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