How to get your kids to do their homework

The school year is upon us once again and the hard work of entertaining the little darlings is over for another summer holiday. The task of trying to prise them from the latest video game to do their homework however, has only just begun.

Our advice is why fight nature? Leave them super-glued to the screen but direct them from hi-score counts to counting of a different kind with the world’s most popular maths website.

Among many other clever features Mathletics allows children to compete with others around the world in games of speed and skill using maths. It comes highly recommended by  Rachel Riley (aka her off Countdown). And surely the success of that programme shows us that maths needn’t be drudgery .

On a similar vein, Spellzone is another site worth knowing about – and not just for children, It’s also incredibly helpful for people with dyslexia and those learning English.

Motivational reading

So that’s maths and spelling taken care of, but what about the rest? How do you motivate them to do their work without needing to resort to nagging or shouting (or confiscating their iPads). Here are four reading suggestions to get you started:

Homework help for mums and dads by Karen Dolby

Tidy your room: getting your kids to do the things they hate by Jane Bidder

What to do when your child hates school by Antonia Chitty

Could do better: help your child shine at school by Phil Beadle (from Channel 4’s “The Unteachables”)

There are loads more to choose from  – search online or ask next time you’re in the library.

One final tip. If you’re in the vicinity of Craigmillar, Granton or Oxgangs libraries our after school homework clubs offer an environment where kids can work alongside others without distraction.

Hope this helps. if you’ve any more tips or suggestions please share them with the rest of us!


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