The smart person’s guide to homework

It is a truth universally acknowledged that everyone hates homework. The key to successful homework is to doing it well enough to keep your teachers and parents happy, but quickly enough so you’ve more time for fun stuff.

So, what do you do when you get stuck with your homework? Ask your parents? Hmmm…

Believe us, it’s probably better all round if you log on to Britannica instead.

It’s got everything you need to answer those tricky homework questions without embarrassing you or your parents.

There’s more. If you need to find out about a famous person from history then try the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Yes you may have to spend two minutes logging in with your library card which you don’t have to do with Wikipedia, but it won’t tell you that Boudicca is in the cast of TOWIE and that Winston Churchill played left-back for Arsenal and was better than Ashley Cole. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography gets you the facts quick, and you don’t need to check them for accuracy.

And if you take art or music Oxford Art Online and Oxford Music Online have everything you could wish or need to know about music or art, for both work and play. You’ll be learning loads without even realizing it.

So there you have it, quality homework in less time than it takes to complete a level in Super Mario Bros. Result.

Tomorrow: homework tips for parents and teachers


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