Do you know where this photograph was taken?

This is the latest entry to our gallery of ‘mystery photographs‘. We believe it shows the funeral, in 1915, of some of the casualties of Britain’s worst ever rail disaster near Gretna, in which over 200 men lost their lives.

The funeral procession made it way to Rosebank Cemetery, and we think this is a street somewhere in Leith – but we’re not sure which one. And this is where you come in…

There’s a fairly distinctive building in the top right of the picture which may give a clue? if you do recognise it please let us know. Both us and our partners at Edinburgh’s War would love to know!


One thought on “Do you know where this photograph was taken?

  1. Is it coming up from the docks towards Cables Wynd (ie: where the Banana Flats are now) ?? Oops now I’m thinking it could be North Great Junction Street – no, actually is it the top of Bonnington Road (coming from Great Junction Street and Cables Wynd) ? Heck, it’s not easy. I’ll ask my aunt – she’s from Leith and 86 and she may know! Will let you know if she does 🙂


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