How to share your favourite books (and see everyone else’s)

It’s good to share! Here’s an easy way to tell everyone about your favourite books, and find out what everyone else in Edinburgh is reading.

‘My Lists’ is a brilliant feature on the library catalogue which allows you to create and share your very own book lists. We’ve been having lots of fun with it already but if you join in it’s going to be even better.

Make a list of your favourite childhood books, novels to read when you get the time, guilty pleasures, underrated gems or…. well it’s totally up to you. We’re sure you can come up with far better ideas than these. But if you’re looking for inspiration take a peek at these recently published lists.

Making lists is incredibly simple, and so is sharing them. Here’s how:

Log on to the catalogue using your card number and four digit PIN (not got one? Ask next time you’re in the library) then all you need to do when you find a title is click on the ‘save’ button to  add to a new list or include in a list you’ve already created.

Click image to enlarge

Click on ‘My Lists’ at the top of the catalogue page to edit and share your lists so that everyone else can see them. And if you want to keep your lists to yourself, that’s fine too! (Although any ‘shared’ lists are done so anonymously)

And that’s it. Easy, eh? So get listing and get sharing! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.


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