“Love in a Library” What a performance!

This should be interesting…

From today until Saturday daily performances of Love in a Library will take place in (where else!) the romance section of libraries across the city as part of Edinburgh International Festival’s year round outreach programme.

Through a selection of songs Love in a Library tells the story of a long-lasting unrequited love between a librarian and an avid reader and the moment they finally reveal their true feelings to each other.

Performed by soprano Emma Morwood (the loveliest librarian in the Lothians) and tenor Chris Elliot (who’s admired her from afar) and accompanied by pianist Sam Hutchings these guerrilla performances take place during opening hours and are set to take library users by surprise.

Dates, times and locations will be announced the afternoon or morning before each performance (we wouldn’t want to put too much pressure on the shy sweethearts) on twitter and facebook.

Love in a Library is the Festival 2012 pilot project exploring surprise live performances in unexpected places to unsuspecting audiences.

And no we can’t confirm whether “Dewey really want to hurt me”, “I just don’t know what to do with my shelf” or “A loan” will feature at any point in the proceedings.


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