Why reading is good for your mental health

We’ve teamed up with NHS Lothian to launch a new range of books and resources aimed at helping young people and families cope with mental health issues.

The collection, recommended by NHS Lothian’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service , offers information, greater understanding and advice to help children, young people, parents and carers who are dealing with issues such as anxiety, depression, bullying and eating disorders.  The books are all available for loan in public and school libraries.

Liz McGettigan, Libraries & Information Services Manager, said: “Understanding how to deal with mental health issues can be very challenging especially when it involves young people. We hope that providing access to this information will help support families and carers.

“With our free online reservation service people can also reserve one of these books from the discretion of their own homes, collect it from a local library and issue it to themselves through our self issue service.”

Cathy Richards, Lead Clinician, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, (CAMHS), NHS Lothian added: “In Lothian we offer a range of mental health services for children and adolescents including these specially chosen healthy reading books and other resources which are an excellent and additional resource in helping children, young people and parents access reliable information and self-help about common mental health issues.”

Nicola Morgan, author of “Blame my Brain” – one of the recommended titles on the list – attended the launch and spoke to pupils from Firhill High School about a range of issues.

Nicola said: “My favourite topics are the teenage brain and teenage books, so to be able to speak about both at the same time is a real treat. I also firmly believe that books are therapeutic – both relaxing and stimulating – so I love the idea of this project.”

In addition to the interactive resources and book list there are also some helpful links to various mental health support groups and organisations on the Council website.

Library members can quickly order any book from the list and collect from their local library by using the online reservation service and 24 hour library.


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