Go with the Flow at Morningside Library

Morningside Library are currently displaying the work of local photographer David Pike.

Flow is a collection of photographs representing David’s experiments with still life, harnessing wild inaccessible landscapes of Scotland and America.  David seeks to capture landscapes as they slowly unfold using tradidtional methods rather than digital processes.  Shooting on film,  David then hand prints each negative onto traditional fibre based papers using wet dark room techniques. What you see is what was created through the camera and not digitally altered in anyway.

Of his process David said: “”I choose to work with film because it helps me to slow down, to think how I visualise the final print before I even get the camera our of it’s bag. Sometimes I just sit for a while or walk about in the scene I want to photograph, thinking about what is it that makes this place special to me and how I might represent it. I lose all sense of time when I am in ‘flow  I once waited nearly 4 hours in Yosemite National Park high on a mountain in exactly the same spot, waiting for the clouds to highlight the power of the Half Dome  mountain”

You can see the exhibition in the community room upstairs in Morningside Library until May 31.

Check out David’s work at www.photographydavidpike.com


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