When in doubt, go to the library

Big news on the digital library front… a previously unavailable series has just joined our collection.  Here’s a few clues as to what it could possibly be:

  • There are seven books in the series.
  • This series encouraged millions of people of all ages to enjoy reading.
  • The author lives right here inEdinburghand has broken records for the fastest-selling novels of all time.
  • …it’s very, very magical.

We know you are all clever enough to have guessed what it is.  HARRY POTTER, of course!  From today, you will be able to borrow ebooks (epub format) and audiobooks (mp3 format) from our collection on Overdrive.

Why you should join the already growing queue to borrow them:

The audiobooks are read by none other than everybody’s favourite, quite interesting national treasure, the one and only Mr Stephen Fry.  Having had the pleasure of listening to his rendition of several of the books, let me assure you that you are in for a real treat.  He does fantastic voices – I think his Professor McGonagall is my personal favourite!

If you have only ever watched the films – marvellous as they are, you have missed out on so many magical details that couldn’t possibly be squeezed into the (eight!) film adaptations.  Surprise yourself with what happened in the books as opposed to the films (and vice versa!  Spoiler alert: it wasn’t Cho who turned in Dumbledore’s Army in Order of the Phoenix), and learn more about characters who may have either been removed (Peeves!), or not had as much screen time as they could have.  J.K. herself has said that she thinks that she is less bothered by any differences between the books and the films than some of her fans – of which I am proudly one!  So I implore you to try the books; they are easy, escapist and totally engrossing.

Harry Potter


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