A room with our view: a unique installation of poetry and writing

For the next six weeks the Central Library Mezzanine will be transformed by a unique installation created by some of the city’s teenagers. Forget Tracey Emin, this installation consists of an entire bedroom, and not only that, it’s filled with poetry! Carefully printed on the duvet, the pillows, the mirror, the curtains, slippers, T shirts, their shoes, writings by the Young Edinburgh Writers (YEW) express their individual view of the world and the things in it. It’s an exhibition unlike anything you’ll ever have seen before!

Funded by the Young Scot Creative Enterprise Fund, the installation represents weeks of hard work and creativity by these young people. Come along, read and be inspired by what these teenagers have to say, and their entirely individual way of saying it!

 Monday 19th March – Friday 27th April

The Mezzanine, Central Library, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh

The Young Edinburgh Writers is a group of teenagers aged between 13 – 18 years who meet twice a month in the Central Library to share and develop their creative writing. Now in its fourth year, the group is run by poet Dorothy Baird and welcomes any young person who enjoys writing.

Contact dorothybaird@tiscali.co.uk for more information.


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