Around the world in 80 D.I.s

Fuelled by the explosion in popularity of Scandinavian and Italian crime fiction over the past couple of years, increasing numbers of us are following the adventures of sleuths from beyond the usual UK and American settings.

Mongolia, Antarctica and even North Korea are among the more out-of-the-way beats being explored by our army of crime fic fans.

The combination of crime and travel writing is a predictably popular mix, so to help you explore further we’ve put together this map of detective stories from around the world, which can all be borrowed from your local library.

Click on the map to explore further

And even if crime (or travel) fiction is not usually your scene we’re sure there’s something to stir your curiosity.

For example, how about the investigator who’s actually a sheep? Or the ‘Feng-Shui detective‘, whose case load includes dealing with a group of hyper-vegan terrorists?

Besides, who could resist the splendidly named Carlos Clot (Madrid) or a title like “DeKok and the Geese of Death” (Netherlands)?

So, take some time to browse the map, let us know if we’ve made any unforgiveable omissions, and borrow whichever of the featured books or dvds takes your fancy.

Who’s your favourite international sleuth?


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