¿Donde està la biblioteca?

It’s nearly time to start dreaming about Easter holidays or spring breaks – or if you’re not so lucky, then maybe it’s not too early to think about summer holidays?  Either way, we think that a good way to escape the chill and wind is to get wrapped up in picking up a new (or refreshing an old) language!  And, of course, we’re making it easy for you, by offering free interactive e-learning resources, accessed using your library card.

First off, we have Tell Me More, an established language learning service which has existed for 20 years.  Tell Me More offers courses in French, German, Spanish, Italian or Dutch.  You can choose to learn these languages from 15 different languages, making it just brilliant for learning English as a foreign language!  Tell Me More offers incredible speech recognition software in order to ensure your pronunciation is spot on  A far cry from your battered old school vocab book, isn’t it?  The site allows you to tailor your learning experience to your specific needs, so whether you’re learning some phrases for your holiday, improve your CV, you c an make the software work for you.

Then we have the Prince of our language e-resources; Transparent Language Online – the artist formerly known as Byki  (just to keep you on your toes, the  app, available on Apple/Android is still called Byki…!)  Transparent Language Online has a fun and addictive interface, which offers its users the choice of a mind-boggling 80 languages, including Bengali, Hebrew, Mongolian and Tagalog!  Transparent Language Onlinealso offers course for those wishing to learn English as a foreign language.  The exercises are great for giving you confidence and reinforcing the knowledge, and handy for when you only have a few spare minutes!

In addition to these dedicated apps, there are also some very popular Learn in Your Car titles, available on Overdrive, which can be downloaded, transferred to your device and subsequently used in your car, as intended (or wherever you like, that’s none of our business)!

As if that wasn’t good enough (we do really try our hardest by you), we can also offer the tremendous e-resource that is Newsstand International.  The best thing about Newsstand International is that you can read news in your desired language, then hit translate (from a choice of 14 languages) to make sure you understood it correctly!

For more details and further instructions, please visit our languages page.


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