School’s out…for a little bit, anyway

It’s half-term and the weather’s rubbish.  You’re not getting away, and maybe your friends are.  Fancy a good book for your smartphone, tablet or laptop?

Teenager bored on holiday.... This sucks.

Photo credit: Andrew King

Multiple-access e-audiobooks on Clipper

Rise of the Heroes – Andy Briggs (mp3)

When a group of teenage friends are online during a lightning storm, they discover they have new superpowers…but they have to work out what they are!

Love You To Death – Meg Cabot (mp3)

Susannah is a Mediator, which means she has to help the unhappy dead find peace.  When she moves to California, she finds spirits aplenty, including a very gorgeous boy ghost who seems to be sharing her room!

Thieves like Us by Stephen Cole (mp3)

Jonah is put in juvy for using his code-cracking skills to steal money, only to be busted out and recruited by a gang of fellow teen-thieves!

The Black Book of Secrets by F.E. Higgins (mp3)

Ludlow Fitch runs away from his betraying parents to the country, where he meets Joe Zabbidou – a pawnbroker who trades secrets instead of goods.

Poison by Chris Wooding (mp3)

The ALA (American Library Association) gave this novel the best book for teens award!  Poison sets out on a journey to rescue her kidnapped sister from the phaeries, but it’s going to be a very bumpy ride!

Single Access e-audiobooks on Overdrive

The Spook’s Apprentice by Joseph Delaney (wma)

The first in a series, about Thomas Ward, the seventh son of a seventh son, who is training to be an exorcist!

Trainers versus Tiaras by Grace Dent (wma)

Part one in the Diary of a Chav series!  Shiraz just knows she’ll be writing an autobiography in a few years, so she might as well start keeping a diary…

The Carbon Diaries 2015 by Saci Lloyd (wma)

An intriguing and sadly believable 2015 where carbon dioxide is rationed in order to try and control greenhouse gas emissions.

Kira by Kate O’Hearn (wma)

Girls are NOT allowed to go near dragons; it is an offence punishable by death.  But Kira is the daughter of a retired dragon-knight and she tries to fight against these laws.  She and her sister are subsequently exiled… If you enjoy this, you’ll be glad to hear it’s the first in a series.

H.I.V.E.: Higher Institute of Villainy by Mark Walden (wma)

Please note that it states that this is the second book, but it is in fact the first in the series.  H.I.V.E. is a secret school for villains, where children can develop their skills in order to become a criminal mastermind!

Single Access e-books

The Face in the Frost by John Bellairs (epub/pdf)

An inventive book detailing two different wizard kingdoms and travel through time and space by using mirrors!  Perfect for fans of fantasy and magic.

First Kill by Heather Brewer (epub/pdf)

This author has previously written The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, about a vampire – this is the story from the other side of the coin – from the Slayers.  This is the first in The Slayer Chronicles series.

iBoy by Kevin Brooks (epub)

Tom Harvey has ended up with bits of an iPhone stuck in his brain, leading him to know and see more than he every dreamed of, but of course, with great power, well, you know how it goes.

Time Riders by Alex Scarrow (epub)

Three characters who were supposed to have died were visited by a mysterious being… but they havent been rescued, exactly, they are being recruited to fix broken history, and prevent inappropriate use of time travel from destroying the world.

Brother in the Land by Robert Swindells (epub)

An apocalyptic story told by survivor Danny – set in Shipley, England.


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