Moredun Youth Achievement Awards

While the nation is gripped  by the big questions of devolution and Scottish Independence, the young people at Moredun Library have been taking part in a referendum of their own – the Moredun Youth Achievement (MYA) Awards!

The awards recognised some of the fantastic things that the young people of Moredun did in 2011 – it was a busy year! – and the local children and teenagers won awards for a range of categories including ‘best reader’, ‘most improved behaviour’ and ‘most-environmentally-friendly’. There was also a special award for the group of local teenagers who took part in the recent Liberton-Gilmerton Youth Issues event – the youngsters were recognised for their active interest in improving the facilities for young people in the local area.

While the winners of the above categories were chosen by library staff, the kids were also given the opportunity to nominate their friends and fellow library-users for one of five fun awards.  Artistic souls with an interest in craft events were nominated for the ‘most creative’ award, while fans of social networking sites could win the crown of ‘biggest facebook addict’.  Those with a passion for all things football were nominated for the ‘biggest Friday football fan’ award and games console fans could be nominated for ‘best dancer’ and ‘best racer’!  Voting for these categories began back in the balmy days of December, when the young people filled out a voting slip to nominate people for each award.  Over fifty slips were completed and the final results were very close…

The awards ceremony took place at the end of January and Moredun’s young people were anxious to find out who the winners were!  Our photographs give a flavour of the ceremony and the excitement that the MYA awards generated.  For those who won – congratulations! – and for those who didn’t, don’t worry – there’s always next year!


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