Happy birthday Mr Dickens!

After a steady stream of Dickensian period dramas and spin-offs it probably comes as little surprise that today marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens. Dickens 2012 is a year-long and world-wide celebration of the novelist’s life and work.

Dickens’ writing is epitomized by the larger-than-life characters with their wonderfully onomatopoeic names, a sense of humour and the absurd, quotations now firmly established in our vernacular and most significantly, his examination of society’s inequalities.

Search our library catalogue and you’ll find a plethora of books both about and by Charles John Huffam Dickens to keep you enthralled throughout Dickens 2012.

This month, look out for the ‘Best of Times, Worst of Times’ displays throughout Central Library highlighting Dickens and the world he portrayed in his writing. The displays will feature gems from the Reference Library and Art Library collections including the original instalments from the serialised stories Dickens wrote for the weekly journal, ‘Household Words’ and a wonderfully evocative book entitled ‘London: a pilgrimage’ with illustrations of Dickensian times by Gustave Dore. 

Fagin and Oliver Twist

You can test your knowledge of Dickens favourites with our online collection of Character portraits. Do you know which book Mr Pumplechook appears in, or what role Grewgious plays in solving a mysterious disappearance? Or simply take a look and find some inspiration to try something a little less televised. Sketches by Boz, anyone?


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