Caitlin or Clarkson, Brooker or Burnie: all your favourite columnists FREE

Galaxy Book of the Year, Magazine Columnist of the Year – people are pretty much tripping over themselves lavishing awards upon the all-conquering Caitlin Moran.

And ever since it came out, copies of ‘How to be a woman‘ have barely seen the inside of a library before they’ve been taken straight back out again by another reader eager to follow Caitlin’s journey from adolescence to motherhood and beyond.

And there’s still a massive waiting list… so while you’re waiting your turn why not check out her back catalogue of witty, sharp and thoughtful articles for The Times?

But hang on, don’t you have to pay to read The Times online? Well, don’t tell The Murdochs, but if you’ve got a library card The Times paywall is a barrier you needn’t worry about.

Your library card number is your password to UK Newsstand, which while not the most attractive web site in the world, is certainly one of the most useful. It contains full text articles from hundreds of national and local newspapers, including The Times, going back decades.

So as well as reading her latest newspaper column you can also see an interview with the 17 year-old Caitlin Moran from 1992. Or read what she was writing about  bands like Suede and My Bloody Valentine that same year. And you don’t have to pay a single penny.

You can set up email alerts for your favourite searches so you don’t have to keep going back to the site to see the latest content. And of course you can do this for any newspaper writer you choose, from Caitlin to Clarkson, from Charlie Brooker to Joan Burnie.

Not bad, eh?


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