“Anne Frank’s Diary” a poem by Katie Turney

To mark Holocaust Memorial Day here is the winning entry to the Ernest Levy Writing competition, written by Katie Turney.

Anne Frank’s Diary

As those years went by slowly

The days were not mine to hold

Somewhere else

Time stood still

In my silent mind

I was not that old

Closed from the outside beyond

And from the inside within me

Somewhere unfolding thoughts lay drifting

Where my mind wanders from this place

To somewhere I know

My life hung over like shadows of the moon in a dark night

I felt very much on the outside looking in

I was saved by you on that special day

You can imagine how I was afraid

I held you tight at night

Near to my heart

I kept you safe

In my little empty space

For the future one day

I began to write

A flicker of hope and light

It was too much to bear

I wished I could escape from

What I know

And open the safe door

And walk home into the light

Without any fear

Not venturing far from this room

Nowhere to hide and run

Not even shedding one tear

If only things were different

Back in those painful

Unforgiving years


By Katie Turney


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