Jazz recordings – can you help?

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Edinburgh City Libraries have been entrusted with the care of an archive of Edinburgh-related jazz material, dating from the 1940s onwards.  The core of the present collection was gathered by a group of enthusiasts based in Edinburgh, whose interest in jazz has been a lifelong passion.  It therefore constitutes a unique part of Edinburgh’s musical history, and we are privileged to be its custodians.

We are in the process of cataloguing this donated material and, where possible, we will be digitising some of it in order to share the collection directly with a wider audience.

The collections includes  original vinyl recordings of Edinburgh Jazz musicians (Sandy Brown, Al Fairweather, Archie Semple and Alex Welsh amongst others) books, cassettes of live sessions, posters, letters and other memorabilia.

There may be other jazz enthusiasts out there who have material which would augment this collection. Do you, or does someone you know, have material relevant to the Edinburgh Jazz scene, which you’d be happy to donate? We’re looking for LPs, CDs, EPs or cassettes. Photographs, DVDs and other memorabilia would also be welcome.

For more information please email the Central Music Library or call 0131 242 8054.

4 thoughts on “Jazz recordings – can you help?

  1. My Mother used to sing with a band in Edinburgh the Palais in the late 50’s called the Jeff Renha band. Does anyone have any information or pictures of this band?
    My mother is alive and in her mid 70’s but does not have any information or pictures


  2. Hi Harry.

    Jeff Rowena was my uncle. Jeff passed away many in 1992 but I have started up a Facebook page for folks who knew him or played with him or saw him can reflect on his music. There are links to YouTube music clips, pictures of venues and some band photos. Jeff started out playing Jazz and then moved into Pop.



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