e-resource of the month: Library2Go!

Were you were lucky enough to get a dazzling new electronic toy this holiday season?  Or did you nip down to the shops on Boxing Day to get yourself a bargain?  Because we’re sure that a number of you received e-readers, tablets or new phones, we’ve chosen Library2Go as our e-resource for this month.  We think it’s a perfect post-holiday gift for all of our library users, because it’s a three-in-one resource, and it will help you fill your devices with new goodies, and naturally, it’s free to use!

Are you new to e-books or e-audiobooks?  We’ve got detailed instructions linked on the Library2Go page to see you right, but here’s a quick overview to show you what you’re missing!

Overdrive has an amazing collection of e-books and e-audiobooks for you to choose from.  To use Overdrive, just nip into your favourite library with a piece of post with your address on it and ask your friendly librarian to verify that you have an EH postcode (for copyright reasons).  They’ll hook you up with the right kind of membership, and your pin if you don’t have one already, and then you can get downloading right away!

Clipper DL is our one-stop dedicated e-audiobook service.  They keep their stock updated with new and popular titles which can be downloaded by multiple users at the same time!  And best of all, all you need to use Clipper is your library barcode (situated on the back of your library card)

Public Library Online hosts books that are outwith the public domain – perfect for lovers of classics!  Additionally they have a selection of more contemporary books, including some popular novels and biographies, eco-texts and even parenting guides!

Don’t forget that none of these count towards your borrower limit of 12 items – and there are no fines!


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