What you told us about self-service

Thanks to the hundreds of you who took part in our survey about self-service in Central Library.

Some of you really like the self service kiosks – here are a few comments – “Love self-service, just love it”. “Quick, easy, no queuing, no waiting for people to finish chatting”.

Quite a few of you commented that self service takes a bit of getting used to, but once you had, you liked it, for example “I did think I was going to hate self-service. Turns out, I don’t!”

There are some of you who miss the interaction with the staff that you had at the desk – “Appreciate the self service facilities but preferred the assistance of librarians.”

You also made some really useful comments about the machines themselves and how they work. Several of you said that you forgot to take your library card with you, and several more find not having the books stamped with the return date a problem. Others find that they’ve had problems with books not scanning properly, and some would prefer the payment system and the view account process to be easier to use.

So… here’s what we’re going to do:

  • Make sure that more of you are welcomed to the library when you come in, and that you know you can speak to the staff if you want to.
  • Tell you more about the Library Elf email service which alerts you before your books are due for return.
  • Add a message to receipts reminding you to take your card
  • Continue to work on making sure that all the items in the Central Lending Library scan properly so that you have fewer problems when borrowing and returning.
  • We’ll pass on your comments about how the kiosks work to the company who design them.

If you would like to see a full copy of the results of the survey, please ask at the Enquiry Desk in the Central Lending Library.

And remember, if you’ve got any other comments regarding self-service, or anything else to do with Edinburgh City Libraries, just leave a reply below.


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