Banned books – the final chapter

Every day during Banned Books week we’ve been featuring books which have been censored or banned on social, sexual, religious or moral grounds.

See if you can guess the identity of our final book from this description:

Of all the books that we’ve featured this week, this is the only one whose controversial nature is acknowledged in the book description on our library catalogue, which states:

Readers of this title are advised that the contents reflect the colonial attitudes prevalent at the time.

This early ‘graphic novel’, part of a hugely successful series starring the eponymous hero, sees the protagonist and his faithful pet undertake a trip to Africa where they face witch doctors and hostile natives.

These African characters seemed to have exaggerated physiognomies and to be ignorant. The book has been redrawn over the years but challenges to bookshops and libraries still occur. Borders moved its copies to the adult section prompting sales to grow to the point where it was their fifth highest selling title. Depictions of a hunted rhinoceros being blown up were also removed.

Can you guess the identity of today’s book?

Here’s the answer

About Banned Books Week

Public libraries are committed to upholding the values of freedom of expression and debate, and we believe that access to information should not be restricted on any grounds except that of the law.

We believe that the ability to freely access information, whether factual or fictional, and regardless of media or format is a right, not a privilege.

To find out more about libraries and censorship visit Banned Books and the CILIP website.


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