Banned book of the day

Every day during Banned Books week we’re featuring a book that’s been censored somewhere on social, sexual, religious or moral grounds.

See if you can guess what the book is from our description!

Today’s book has become a hit almost everywhere. One place is hasn’t been a hit is Iran, where it is banned.

A coming-of–age story about the author’s childhood and adolescence in Tehran and Vienna, it was adapted into an acclaimed animated film which was nominated for a 2008 Oscar – can you guess what it is?

Here’s the answer.

About Banned Books Week

Public libraries are committed to upholding the values of freedom of expression and debate, and we believe that access to information should not be restricted on any grounds except that of the law.

We believe that the ability to freely access information, whether factual or fictional, and regardless of media or format is a right, not a privilege.

To find out more about libraries and censorship visit Banned Books and the CILIP website.


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