Help us set a new world record!

The people of Vienna, Austria hold the world record for ‘most participants in a reading relay’, with 290 readers setting the record on 26th Sept 2010.

On 19th August however, we want to break this record and add Reading World Record Holders to our Unesco City of Literature status AND we want you to be part of it!

Sighthill Library will be your hosts for the day as we highlight how passionate Edinburgh is about reading. Join our community day, meet award-winning Scottish author Theresa Breslin and break a world record to show how important libraries are to us all!

Edinburgh is already home to Stevenson, Scott, Conan Doyle, Rankin, the National Library, a Storytelling Centre, International Book Festival and named the 1st Unesco City of Literature.

Can you help us add the title of World Reading Record Holders? If you want to be part of a record-breaking experience register at Sighthill Library or call 0131 529 5566. Let’s do it!


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