This is not an exhibition

When is an exhibition not an exhibition? Come along to Central Library between 7th July and 31st August and find out.

This is Not an Exhibition, put together by a group of artists from Edinburgh College of Art, will use locations throughout the building in a variety of unique and interesting ways, including:

  • projecting images from the Fine Art Library’s collection of 20 000 slides onto the wall of an adjoining building.
  • an installation using natural light in the stairwell.
  • a series of large scale paintings on the windows on George IV Bridge and Victoria Street. These will aim to exploit the dual viewpoints available to passing pedestrians.
  • a sporadic series of live performances from musicians who use the Music Library’s public notice boards.
  • Elsewhere across the building, architectural features and details will be highlighted in new ways to urge new connections and perceptions.

In the artists’ own words:

“As opposed to attempting to turn the library into a gallery space, the work is designed to function solely within the unique spaces in the library. The exhibition title speaks of the artists’ desire to bring contemporary art into new spaces in the city.

In addition, it aims to promote art which stays away from exhibitionism and all too simple ideas of looking. The exhibition instead focuses on creating work which is not constant, which is not exhibited but merely present.

Regular users of the Library will feel an irregularity, encouraging new perceptions of the space. New users (people who have come to the ‘exhibition’) will, to some extent, have to search for the work. In this way they will hopefully uncover and discover the library for themselves. It is perhaps wrong to talk of work being shown at all, more accurately the space has been adjusted, altered, shifted slightly from the norm.”

Intrigued? We certainly are. Look out for the, er, ‘exhibition’ over the coming weeks –  and let us know what you think.


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