Sounds + Visions

A group of first years from Moredun are currently involved in the Sounds + Visions exhibition funded by Artlink.

 The six girls were recruited from Moredun Library to complete a photography project with the help of Martin Ayres of Caged Beastie

Along with two other community groups (the Sassy Mums  and Libertus) the girls were asked to come up with a new way of looking at local issues in order to make themselves heard.

The Sassy Mums created a set of photographs with single mums walking past billboards and bus shelters emblazoned with the prejudices and comments they hear from people around them every day – ‘you only did it to get a house’ being one of the most poignant.

Libertus, with the help of local artist Jason Lee, made a radio drama using a fictional family to explore emotional issues around alcohol abuse.

The Moredun Library group used photo manipulation to illustrate that they feel as though nobody listens to them.  In their photos the girls were superimposed onto background images they took of the local area, but none of them was taller than a matchbox.  This showed that they felt small and unnoticed, even though they have plenty of interesting ideas about how to improve the local area.

Pictures from the Artlink Sounds + Visions exhibition

The exhibition is open to all, and will be running at the Jean Mack Gallery in Gilmerton Community Centre until July 23rd.  After that it will be moving on to Captain’s Road, and finally to the North Edinburgh Arts Centre in the autumn.

For further information about opening times, contact Pauline on 0131 664 2220.


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