New library, community hub and day care centre at Drumbrae

Site investigations work is due to begin today (Monday 16 November) at the proposed site for the new Drumbrae Library, Day Care and Community Hub on Rannoch Terrace, Edinburgh.

This work is being carried out to make sure enough is known about the land before work can start to design and build the new facility.

Plans for the new library/day care centre have been informed by consultation with the local community and the envisaged project would be the culmination of almost two decades of campaigning by local residents for such a facility.

The process will include ground testing using bore holes as part of a topographical survey of the site.

The proposed location for the new facility was selected after careful consideration and consultation with the local community.

The Rannoch Terrace site offers excellent access with good bus services both day and night.

The site also boasts sufficient space to create a very valuable resource in the heart of the community, close to well-frequented existing shops and community services.

The size of the site will allow us to build a modern high specification library and offer a number of additional services such as day care facilities for older people and access to local Council services for residents.

Council Leader Jenny Dawe said: “The local community in Drumbrae have been campaigning for almost two decades now for a library in their area. This Administration is delighted to have been able to match a local need for a new day care centre while responding to the demand for a libary. The new facility will be a modern, fully-equipped and accessible community ‘hub’. The proposed Rannoch Terrace site ticks all the boxes: it is well located, has good transport access and, importantly, has the space required to build a state of the art library, day care and community hub centre. The months ahead will be exciting times for the Drumbrae area as we see the centre begin to take shape.”

Councillor Deidre Brock, Culture and Leisure Convenor, said: “This is a hugely exciting project, enabling us to respond to local residents’ long held wishes for a wonderful 21st century library in Drumbrae. This new centre will be a flagship facility demonstrating how Edinburgh libraries are becoming real community hubs, helping people of all ages to discover the joys of reading, access a wealth of information and feel more involved in their area.”

Reg Kingman, Chair of Drumbrae Community Council, said: “A modern library will be a great benefit to the whole community. All the signs are there that this will be a fantastic new facility.”

Following the completion of site investigation works, a final decision will be taken so that work can start to design and build the new centre. It is envisaged that the facility will be complete by the end of 2011.

Find out more about the hub South East Scotland Pathfinder Programme.

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