Your views on “Snowdrops” by Andrew Miller

‘Snowdrops’ is a chilling story of love and moral freefall – of the corruption, by a corrupt society, of a corruptible young man. It is taut, intense and has a momentum as irresistible to the reader as the moral danger that first enchants, then threatens to overwhelm, its narrator.

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3 thoughts on “Your views on “Snowdrops” by Andrew Miller

  1. I really liked this book. It was elegant, intriguing and mysterious in equal measure. A picture of contemporary Moscow and how an English high-flying British lawyer meets Masha, an enigmatic character who guides him through the mire of post Soviet Moscow society and morals. A world where ‘Snowdrops’, drunken homeless bodies which reappear in the thaw, become a visible manifestation of the secret addictive and corrupt Russian underworld


  2. The general view was that it was an enjoyable easy-to-read thriller which brought post-communist Russia to life but that the comparison to Graham Greene in reviews a bit over the top!


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