Your views on “Freedom” by Jonathan Franzen

Patty and Walter Berglund were hands-on parents at the avant-garde of the whole foods generation. But now, in the new millennium, the Berglunds have become a mystery. Why has their teenage son moved in with a Republican family? Why is Walter working with Big Coal? And why has Patty become ‘a very different kind of neighbour?’

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7 thoughts on “Your views on “Freedom” by Jonathan Franzen

  1. Not to my taste. Didn’t finish it. I was bored and found the characters unappealing and the writing style pretentious.


  2. Thought the book was too long and a bit rambling at times. Also did not like the characters very much, though they improved towards the end of the book.


  3. Much too wordy – taken up with the authors’s own concepts which took a way from characters and their strange stories – not an easy read.


  4. Tried really hard but couldn’t get into it. The story did not make any impression and each time I picked it up I could not remember anything I had already read.

    I wouldn’t recommend it and wouldn’t even have tried unless I had the book club to go to!


  5. I loved this book! I was hooked on the progression of Patty’s affair with Richard Katz. And Walter’s character had some fascinating views on world population. I think Franzen is a very skilled storyteller, though I will agree that some sections were a touch long winded! This book spurred me on to read Franzen’s earlier novel ‘The Corrections’ which I enjoyed hugely, and perhaps even more than Freedom.


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